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Meet Whitney Joy

I’m one of over 6.5 billion people on this planet just trying to leave some kind of mark.  I’m trying to create peace and love in my own soul and minimize the other less admirable qualities of what it is to be human (namely ego, anger, possessiveness, jealousy).  It’s definitely a struggle and currently I’m feeling quite overwhelmed.  Mainly, I just desire to always live my life by my own terms.  While it is a lot more difficult than it should be, I’m pretty proud of the job I’ve done so far.

I spend a lot of time writing, painting, and taking walks (not as much as I would like currently — grad school, my field placement, and my commute take up a lot of my time and, more importantly, energy).  I have spent the past two plus years sculpting my philosophy and am putting together a book of my questions and my ponderings to my questions.  It is my hope that in sharing my journey inward others will be pushed further inward on their own.  It’s not my aim to answer the questions — I don’t even know if that can be done, but if it can be, it is a very personal and individual experience.  It is just my hope that my questions will spur the ponderings of others to find their own answers.

In the semi-recent past (the exact amount of time depends on whether we measure time by days or pain) I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me.  All my work went flying into the air and our dear friend gravity quickly smashed it back to the ground — leaving it all shattered to bits across the wasteland of my existence.  So, I rebuild.  This blog as well as my ‘new’ life (I believe we are born and die many times over the course of one life…I will get at that in a future blog) are a part of the rebuilding process.

We all have our burdens and heart ills as well as our exuberant moments and life-highs.  If something I write strikes a chord in you, or resonates on some level I encourage…implore you to leave a comment and share your word.

I thought I would add a visual to go along with my words.  

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  1. September 16, 2010 12:44 am

    I love this picture of you! And I love your blog.

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