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March 9, 2012

I am beyond swamped with work and I cannot copy and paste from the journal page, nor do I have the time to transcribe then type it – so I just posted the whole bit in the previous post – but I just love, love, love that bit I mentioned.  Middle and upper class people receive so much government assistance (the huge one being tax deductions for homeowners), yet are so vocal about: I don’t get any assistance why should some lazy, drug addict?  We point fingers, “otherize” and talk about things we truly have no real knowledge of.  We lack awareness of our own circumstances and what is behind the surface of the issues our nation faces today.  It is so disheartening.

What is empowering, to me, is I can do something about this.  I’ve always wanted to spend my life educating others about current misconceptions they harbor and bringing groups of people together in accurate knowledge and mutual understanding to seek out solutions.  And, in about 7 weeks, my last day of grad school will be hours behind me and I may have a job with my favorite organization in DC and actual get to spend my time doing exactly what I have always wanted to do!!  Fortunately I have a lot of resources in the form of research and journals at my disposal to use in my fight against gross misconception….

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