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Happy New Year!!!!

January 31, 2012

Whitney Joy Howard’s Schedule the past few weeks of blissful winter break: some intense clean up efforts after aunt’s 27th December summer house fire, a few days of internship the past week, a whole lotta relaxing/zoning out and watching of FX’s The League.  How nice to have anempty plate!

Unfortunately that all ended at 7AM yesterday morning.  On top of 11 hours in the classroom, 15-20 hours outside-the-classroom-school work, and 20+ hours of internship a week – as of yesterday I’ve added a part time job to the mix.  I’m back with Pathways to Housing Outreach for a much needed (tinnny) bit of income.  Because, you know, that’s what people should do when they’re strapped for cash – get. a. job.  Not rely on someone else to pay their bills.  (Okay, end of rub, back to blog).

So, with my hit-the-ground running approach, I figured the year has officially started and it’s time for my first 2012 blog post.  As the case


Okay.  That’s where I got with my start of the New Year blog.  Wow.  I’m so great at this.  Here’s the problem – very few people actually know me any more.  Very few.  Because if you did know me, you’d know I have about five seconds to myself a week.  The majority of my efforts go in to pushing the system for extremely little pay.  I am so frustrated with my life and with the life.

Anyway.  New Years and all that jazz.  January.  The absurd tradition of “starting over”, when we all know that life is a lot more complicated than being able to change our maladaptive behaviors because of a number change.

This January has at once crept along and sped by.  Do I have any relevant lessons or information to share?  Probably not.  Because I have decided to blog, I guess I’ll share that it is incredibly important to remember your life is just that – yours.  So all the information you have come to know and believe as fact is all well and good for your own life – but not to be pushed on others.  I have my own life path – and it’s quite different from others – and quite frankly I am very happy for that.  I am not a fan of the way the majority live their life and I am grateful not to be among that number.  But I am also aware that it is the way the majority like to live their life.  And I’m not going to push my views on any – well, I mean, i do intend to spend my life educating the masses on more effective, empirically based social policy  – but as to how you live your individual life -that’s for you.  And as much as you may disagree with the way I live mine, I probably disagree with the way you live yours.

There’s my rosy and sentimental New Year’s blog.  Clearly I’m in cheerful spirits.  The problem is – there’s really no external event to cause my current emotions.  It’s just the way life is.  It’s being far too aware of the way life is for far too many of my Earthly brothers and sisters and the, all things considered, gluttonous exist such a small percentage of Earthly occupants consume.  The sad truth is, in this world, to own anything is to own a wholeeee lot more than the vast majority on this planet.

2/3rds of the world live on less than $2 per day.  That is a sad, cold, hard fact.  pitiful.

There it is. My bitterness.  Happy 2012.

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