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15 December 2011.

December 15, 2011

It fascinates me that when I catch up with people I met during my heaviest painting phase, they always say: I hope you’re still painting. It is just so interesting to me that painting is seen as this ‘good’ that would be a sad thing for me to stop. I guess, do you still paint? Or: Are you still into painting? Would be the kind of questions I would assume people would ask – worth lacking questions. Instead of asking questions that wrap my being up with painting so that if I am not painting a part of me is gone. Perhaps it is true. The creative is so much a part of us. We may feel ourself uncreative (although that usually happens when we stick to very narrow definitions of creativity – because human kind truly is a creative being), but we so strongly desire creativity, we push for it in others.

I don’t know. I have a lot of studying to do and a lot of procrastinating to overcome to get to studying before my 6PM final (and then my 3rd semester will be over!!!!) and I really should get back to the grind. It just intrigues me that no matter what I have said I am doing with my life, the response remains: I hope you’re still painting. And, regardless of how that statement draws me, I do hope the same. Which, of course, would entail I make the effort to make time for painting and that task seems quite daunting when I cannot seem to make time to do 8 minute abs daily! You’d think painting would be more desiresome than 8 minute abs, but trying to paint lacking the spark of inspiration is about as grueling as exercise – to me, that is.

But, I do have about THREE WEEKS of vacation ahead of me!! We’ll see how the inspiration takes….

<img src="" alt="" title="IMG_0529" width="1024" height="982" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-350″ />

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