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A quick thought

December 4, 2011

As I am trying to finish up my Cognitive Behavioral Therapy final and close the book on the course (and come one step closer to closing the book on my masters), a thought creep out of the abyss and struck a chord.

Why is it that the older generations are so quick to blame today’s 20-something year olds for the frustrations of the time?  My oldest brother graduated college and entered a period of wealth and prosperity that only the kind of booming economy of the ’90s could bring.  Nine years later I exit college to a stable economy, no longer booming but lurching back from the ’01 recession.  Granted, it was my decision not to go directly to a job.   I’d done the straight-through academic track per my mother’s request and what got me through was my clear intent to travel post-graduation — actually see what is out there before I decide a life path.  Soon after the rumblings started and soon after that we stood in the midst of the rubble of despair.  The collapsed hopes and dreams of so many.  Three years after the national unemployment average is 9%.  Graduate school admissions are at an all time high because college graduates cannot get jobs – all their money going to academia to fill their minds with expertise does not equate to practical expertise in the work force.  Five/ten years job experience does.

Past generations compare my generation and those that follow to their experience – their post-graduation economies; their post-graduation social environment; their post-graduation struggles.  They pin it on the arrogance and feelings of entitlement that current youth apparently created all on their own.  No responsibility is taken on part of the parents, leaders, institutions that cultivated this apparent entitlement.  And no responsibility is taken or given to those who created the world future generations are inheriting as ‘their problem’.  All the borderline legal and straight up morally bankrupt activity on behalf of corporations and government that has by and large gone unaccounted for is where the focus should be.  Not on youth deemed lazy and arrogant.  And if that is even the case – if you could actually make such a grand standing absurd comment classifying a whole cohort – where do you think these behaviors and actions were learned?  Who modeled such?

I’m simply fed up of inheriting problems that were decades in the making and then being told: it is your fault.  You lazy, entitled youth.  So many are fed up.  That is why you have youth all over the globe revolting.  Frustration has boiled over to anger.  Lies and deception and greed are at the root of today’s economic disaster.  All we want is some accountability.  Some responsibility.  People who were in the wrong to accept the consequences of their actions – for there to BE consequences for their actions….

Okay, back to CBT.

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