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November 11, 2011

Happy Friday.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Happy 11.11.11!!!!!!

I was going to say, how often can we count how often something will occur in our lives — speaking to 11.11.11 being the 11th time I have experienced such (starting in 2001 with 1.1.01), than I realized: every single day.  I have one 11.11.11 in my life just as I have one 11.12.11 etc. etc.  Each day is ever so slightly different than the last and when it is over, it is never to return.

BUT today is the only time in my life it will be straight through 1’s – as my example just showed it has previously been two sets of numbers: 1.1.01, 2.2.02, 10.10.10 — today is just 1’s baby!

It’s been a rough couple days on this front.  Many people have said: getting one’s MSW is the most difficult thing that person will ever do in their life.  This is usually said by psychologist, psychiatrist’s — people who know what is required of an MSW.  And often times I have wanted to laugh at such statements….but the past few days have fallen under the category of: Damn Straight!  The reason it is so extraordinarily difficult is because one’s belief systems and perspective of the world is constantly being challenged and in need of restructuring.  The worst aspects of the self are put under a microscope and we are asked to look – long and hard – and share what we see.  We are put in uncomfortable, boundary pushing situations on the regular.  It is incredibly emotionally and psychologically challenging.  It’s quite easy to get down on oneself.  And I have been the past few days.  But, the key, I suppose, is to remind yourself that A. you are human and B. you are learning.  Take the experiences and grow from them.  Learn what to do and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do.

I am human.  And I am learning.  And I AM fantastic.

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