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To Bill….

June 30, 2011

“So, driving to work today, I was thinking of grey vs. black and white.  I think we exist in the grey.  We make decisions from there, then look back on it and really sort life into the black and white.  Much of life in the now is lived through emotion and much looking back through rational.  We can’t always feel the emotions we felt in the past, so the lack of emotion gives us the opportunity to evaluate the situation that was not possible at the time.

Bill and I made decisions (or he made decisions) from the grey and from a very intense emotional place.  We now look upon it all lacking the emotion – just a vague, lingering memory of the emotion, and thus can use rational and rationalize and break it all into black and white.

It’s how we, as humans, deal.  We are copers.”  – Whitney Joy Howard, 5 July 2010

I don’t know what of that I believe or not, but the line, right there ink on page: I think we exist in the grey, written on 5 July 2010 is proof that I do not see in black and white.  I, of course, would have shared this with you at the time, but…well…you know.

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