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Let’s do one from today – 30 June 2011

June 30, 2011

” “Where do I look for the truth?”

– Guillermo Restrepo, as quoted by Hunter S. Thompson

Where do we?  What we know:

– government lies

– CIA lies

– FBI lies

– courts and judges lie

– politicians lie

– religions lie

– media lies

So, where do we go?  You hear a story, then – on the same topic – you hear five, six different versions of that story.  Some of those stories differ because of the differing of perspective from person-to-person. But, now here’s the scary part, some of those stories consciously differ.  Some are premeditated.  Cover ups.  Covering up something or covering up the fear of something; the possibility that a cover up is needed.

And it’s the people you’re told to trust who are consciously differing their stories.

So, you have to choose your truth, knowing it is not truth; knowing there is no truth, only beliefs and conscious lies*.  Knowing the truth doesn’t lie “somewhere in the middle” the truth lies with the poor; those with the least connection to politicians, money and/or power.

The truth lies in the blood and mangled flesh of the innocent whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

– Whitney Joy Howard, 30 June 2011

– Thoughts inspired by the murder of Chicano journalist, Ruben Salazar, by East L.A. deputy sheriff Tom Wilson, which lead to a muddled cover-up attempt by the sheriff’s department and a full on mockery of the working class, immigrant Chicano population resulting in no justice served, just further tensions, misconceptions, and violence between two groups.

*I think, again, I went too extremist here.

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