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Thanks for the “good” fight.

May 18, 2011

Very important information, from one of my favorite agencies, Save Out Saftey Net:

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the march because of work.  I work for an agency that originated the Housing First model — the very effective model that the city wants to majorly cut funding for.  I also work with the homeless population in downtown DC.  The mayor’s proposed budget will shut homeless shelters for single individuals outside of hypotherma weather.  (absurb, by the way).  The one thing the “good” fight has — perhaps the only thing in face of government — is people power.  Every single person associated with human service agencies should be at city hall today.  But they are not.  Why?  This is our work and our work is being threatened.  And why do the masses allow for the most vulnerable of society to constantly be getting handed the short end of the stick?  Apparently, the majority of DC would prefer to be taxed to keep social services from being cut:

I hope the turn out was greater than the rally I went to on the 3rd.  I also hope my fellow social service workers will come out in force.

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