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It’s been a llllllong while….

May 1, 2011

HAPPY MAY!!!!!!!!

Wow!  Definitely was wrong about this blog taking priority over school.  Very wrong.  Grad school is intense and has pretty much been all consuming this past year.  Well, grad school/field placement and getting back into the flow of my new/old relationship with my love.  And being a cat mom 😉

I think it is so wild that it is May already.  I am very happy as this means school is over for the time being (well, a few more finals…but I got a 95% on comps so that was some awesome recent grade news) as is field, my venture down clinical social work, and, most importantly, winter!!  I am still not used to that, and have to brace myself for the cold rush as I exit my home only to laugh that I am stepping into humidity.

At the beginning of my program — way back end of August — they told us we were embarking on a journey that would forever change us; forever change the way we perceived people and the world.  As this first year is drawing to an end, I have been thinking about how I have changed.  I don’t feel my perception has changed all that much — I mean, I did place myself in a social work graduate program, so a lot of my perception was already aligned with the work — but….I think I have more credibility for my perception and statements.  Previously my perception was what I thought was the case, now I know it is the case.  Hmm, I think where I have had the most eye opening is the dealings of the corporate world.

The other day someone asked, ‘Do you know what population is the largest receiver of welfare?’  The answer: corporate America.  The government gives corporations sooooo much money as they cut social services by as much as 50% (when these services are already operating on a shoestring budget).  Where are our priorities?  And why are people so quick to judge the person taking in $300 a month in welfare as this lazy, shiftless, scammer, when corporate America is getting multi-million dollar handouts – and that’s just business as usual?  All the while gas, food, shelter, etc prices are sky rocketing.

We live in very dangerous times.  The wealth gap is the greatest it has ever been in the post-industrial world.  When someone can’t buy a loaf of bread, they act.  Does this bit that follows, speaking of the French Revolution, sound pertinent to any one else?:

The country was at the time facing a deteriorating economic condition coupled with a lag between the intellectual development and social political condition that was stagnant. In this situation it was the middle class, also known as the Bourgeoisie which was in the worst social position. This was the educated class which was heavily taxed whereas the ruling nobles and the clergy were exempted from taxation.

Yes, we live in very dangerous times.

Coming full circle, I think what may have changed the most in me, is an even more pessimistic view of the future.  That probably wasn’t suppose to happen?  There is just such misconception out there.  The media doesn’t report what really needs to be reporting – it doesn’t act as the fourth branch of government and therefore government is outta check.  So a whole lotta people are clueless to a whole lotta shit.  But as individuals, especially the middle class, start to feel greater and greater economic strain….people will act — and it’s gonna be ugly.  I just hope it’s not too late once people actually wake up.

I fear this is too negative.  I certainly still believe in the beauty of the world and people.  I just think a lot of people are their own worse enemies — choosing ignorance over truth.  Choosing conformity over a thinking mind.  We live in scary and sad times.  Those who take off to live homeless, free, existences that I have worked with this past year — that very small and rare fraction who are not suffering from some mental illness or PTSD — perhaps they have the right idea….

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