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On a ‘positive’ note.

January 29, 2011

I’m not hopelessly depressed in general.  Just frustrated by a society that screws the most vulnerable with the masses completely ignorant and/or apathetic.  People allow themselves to live under this veil of illusion and act like everything is okay or just concern themselves with their individual concerns while the world is burning.  The rich/poor gap is at an all time wide — and it continues to widen.  And there are people, many people, who spend their lives working to close this gap.  I really fear it falls into the laps of the apathetic ‘middlens’.  How to get people to care?  And then act?

I guess when random, pointless crime — like going out to your car early Friday morning to go to work only to find your window has been smashed in (with nothing stolen because there is nothing to steal) and your other plastic window unzipped and now you can’t zip it back up — hits home people are more likely to believe the misconceptions about the poor.  But if we lived in a more just society and acknowledged the complete injustice that has been done — been written into law as well as culture — to certain populations across time and space — random acts of crime make a lot more sense.

I know I give the individual too much lee way, but in such a flawed, broken, bad system I just don’t know how individuals are suppose to be….

But I’m not hopelessly depressed.  Just bored with school, agitated by work, and….well frustrated and agitated in general.  And bored.  Definitely bored.

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  1. March 3, 2011 9:23 pm

    PS I’m sad you stopped blogging 😦

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