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My Perception.

January 17, 2011

My blog is my perception.  All I can ever know, and thus ever speak to, is how I interpret the world.  I know plenty of people who disagree with my perception — although I do not know how well educated (true education, not the brainwash taught in elementary and high school) they are on some of the issues we disagree on and the same goes for me — and that is certainly fine.  My main aim in writing is not to bring people over to my ‘side’.

My main aim in writing is to expose a different perception of the world.  My mind is very different than most.  And, at times, very similar to a good handful of others.  All I desire is to start the wheels turning.  In my last post I said the greatest tragedy of our time is that there does not need to be the poverty there is in the world.  The wealth gap doesn’t need to make the Grand Canyon look like a peep hole.  Well, the greatest tragedy to the individual soul…hmm no, I still think the poverty is plus racism and, well, any thing that separates people by ‘otherizing’ and fueling fear.  Hm.  Okay, I got it.  The greatest tragedy an individual can inflict upon themselves is to take information as is.  To not think for oneself.  Not just for the big things.  But for everything.  Question everything you are told.  And truly reflect of everything you are told and everything you think.  Go down the avenues.  Examine how it makes you feel.  What you’re thinking.  And come out the other end in agreement or disagreement or of no opinion.  But choose those because it is what you truly want.

Don’t just take the pill you’ve been handed and swallow it.  Decide for yourself what this life is all about.  Because as far as we know, this life — your life — is all you truly have.  Live your own life by your own terms.

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