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Today I Saw.

January 4, 2011

So, today I saw…

A 74 year old woman who is homeless get told her housing voucher (that she has had for 11 years and the wait list is currently between 3 and 5 years in DC) is gone because her apartment was not getting proper repairs so she up and left.

A one year old get taken away by police to be brought to child services instead of given to the child’s uncle when he showed up on the scene to get her (once they brought her to child services they said they’d ring the uncle and he could come get her.  Come on!!).

How the system and racism crushes the hope of a young man trying to make something of his life and how it keeps him down.

A former client I got linked up with a case manger and on medication, on a corner picking through a garbage can, then start to get violent with the garbage can.  It was apparent that he yet again slipped through the cracks of an incredibly flawed system, comprised of flawed individuals.

And a man passed out in an ally way trying to get some sound sleep — concealed so he didn’t have to worry about an all-too-often violent attack on the homeless.

Today I saw many, many in suits, ties, heels, etc in their rushed-eyes-straight-ahead zone missing it all.


Today I also saw something a lot less tangible — an answer.  A knee-jerk reaction cemented a decision I have to make for the purposes of my over all well-being.  It’s not an easy or happy decision, but it’s the one that must be made.

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