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DC stop stealing my money!

November 20, 2010

So I HATE 25 mph speed limit.  It is absurd as it is the speed limit for the majority of places in DC.  No one drives this speed limit because it is too damn slow.  But now there are photo enforcement everywhere — I recently read that accidents have increased in areas camera’s have been placed (which means the camera’s aren’t about diminishing accidents as is the official word from gov’t, but about stealing residents and visitors money as most people believe).

Usually there is a warning sign before you drive past photo enforcement.  The cameras outside the main entrance to Gallaudet on Florida and 8th NE do not have a warning sign (there are the stripes on the ground — but the cameras are pretty concealed behind a tree).

I drive past these cameras every week day and it took a while for me to realize the cameras were there.  I usually drive about 35 on this road.  My father rang this morning screaming that my third speeding ticket arrived in the mail today.  The first two had been for $125 and this one is for $150.  My car is in his name so he was screaming about how he’s not paying these and transferring the car over to my name (I have continued my very, very unlucky ticket streak lately — currently I have tickets for: $100, $25 & $25 that I am trying to fight — only one of the $25 tickets I really shouldn’t have to pay and I doubt I will get out of any of them — and this past week: $50, $125, $125 and $150 and I am pretty sure I have at least two more coming from the Florida and 8th NE cameras…for a grand total of $600 while I am paying for grad school and all other living expenses with no job…technically I am working 12 hours a week for Pathways but the HR woman is never in and she’s out until December so I won’t be able to get my paper work in until then and therefore won’t get paid until Christmas, at the earliest).  Very, very frustrating.  I really hate DC’s DOT.  So very much.  And I really hate having to spend money because of driving 35 mph on a rather main road instead of being able to purchase my record console…or beer….

UHHHH.  The street I live on is non-zoned, and you used to have six months before you had to do something about your plates (meaning, once your car was spotted by one of those automatic cameras, you had 180 days to change your plates before getting a warning then a ticket) but I am pretty sure something I just read said that now it’s 30 days.  So, I’m just waiting for me to start getting some more parking tickets…because DC sucks!  And so does my father for ringing up screaming at me and not listening to a word I tried to say and completely distracting me when my one assignment for the day is make a massive dent in this massive policy paper I have due….Yes, life is still frustrating and not on the upswing.

Oh and Happpppy 26th Greta!  Haha.  Hope you’re still enjoying China and…maybe come back…some day….;)

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  1. November 21, 2010 8:47 pm

    Have you thought about getting a bicycle yet???

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