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So I have this penny obsession….

November 3, 2010

First I need to point out that I have soooo much work due Monday and Tuesday and after field today I came home and slept for hours and now I am just posting a bunch instead of working on my work.  I espeically need to get my act together re lit review.  Ugh.  Whitney Joy!  Bad.  Bad. Bad.

Anyhoo, so I have this penny obsession and I think it is really funny.  I can only imagine it started because I feel bad for pennies because no one really cares about them anymore.  I actually, on a few occaisons, have been told a place does not accept pennies.  What the heck is going on there?

So yesterday, getting out of my car in the way far out there parking lot I have to park in at CUA (because they do not have any limits on the number of parking passes they sell!!  Fist in air), there were tons of pennies all around my car.  I was late for class, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to count how many pennies there were and how many were heads and how many tails (30, 11 heads, 19 tails — how interesting is that??).  Fortunately I was able to pull myself away before documented the years they were…minted?

Spending too much time at Pathways or I should’ve been a consumer long ago.  You decide.

What I like about this picture is it’s filed under: imcrazy.  Ha!

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