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All the men with the last name Howard.

November 3, 2010

Some times we do not hear.  Some times we do not listen.  And some times we drink.  I think the following was the result of a combo of all three.  My favorite part about the collection of pictures from this night (thanks to my lovely, lovely NH cousin Gordon because some punk erased all Aunt Peggy’s pics!) is that in all but maybe three I have a glass of red wine in hand.

This was a really great night with really great people.  Extended family (Gordo and SOME of the Daniels and the super cool Meredith!! whoa whoa!) finallllly came and the very lovely Ashley Mammola was there and then the Kennedy party after the ‘bake and the lost/foundness of my camera that was fortunately NOT in a bush.  And arriving back to 85 at 4 AM to what in my…state…I referred to as though a nuclear bomb had just gone off (AKA Evan’s family had left in the middle of the night to move back to MD and Tommy & Pam had left for Lewes and Psycho was God knows where with God knows who…probably that fat grey cat with the pink collar.  Grrrr.) Oh, D, you should’ve been there!  haha

I did not go on the bouncy castle or climb wall, tho, but I DID wait in the ice cream truck line for ages talking to Ky, Mary and their gorgeous little girls before I realized I didn’t even want ice cream and Gordon had tricked me into standing on line for him!!  Grrrr.  haha.  Oh!!  And I ran back to Aunt Peggy’s to get my Tofutti Cuties and forgot to eat them and left them out and they all melted.  So sad.  I think Spike/Eric <haha> ate one though.  So at least someone got treated to the best ice cream of the night!  AND I didn’t even get my ice box cake.

I guess the point, if there is one, here is that even without yum-to-your-tummy sweets and standing in line for older-in-years, younger-in-behavior 1st cousins once removed….you can still have a great time when the weather is perfect and the people are beautiful.

“Trevor! That is rude!  Don’t teach him that!”  That is what I said right before turning back around for this picture, as Tyler kicked my back and Trevor chanted get lost and everyone was yelling: MEN….

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  1. November 4, 2010 1:40 am

    This is GREAT!

    PS Sorry I’m super stalking your blog today!!!

  2. November 4, 2010 1:44 am

    No I love it! I specifically write to you because you’re like the only one who reads my blog!!

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